Session 2 Adult League Championships

Session 2 Adult League Championships

Session ll Adult league championship match ups: Division 2 – ReVision Energy v The Renegades. Division 1 Casa FC v Bath FC


Division 2 Wrap up:

Unfortunately a scheduling conflict meant ReVision Energy were missing three important players and given the fact that they were matched up against the top seeded Renegades this meant they really had their work cut out for them. When I found out about the conflict it was simply too late me make a chance to the schedule and that is a shame.

The game did start off as a very tight affair and ReVision had a couple of good chances to take the lead. Sadly for them those chances were not converted and that along with fact they had no substitutes eventually took its toll. Renegades eventually pulled away for a convincing 7-1 win.

Both teams are back for the third session and ReVision will be out to exact some revenge. 


Division 1 Wrap up:

The division 1 championship game was a cracking back and forth encounter between two evenly matched teams Casa FC and Bath FC. Regulation time could not separate them as they ended all square at 1-1. However the dreaded tiebreaker of penalty kicks was not needed as Casa scored the golden goal in the ten minute overtime period to secure their first ever Seacoast championship. Their name will permanently be engraved on the large new trophy.


D2 Champions Renegades FC:


Division 1 Champions Casa FC with the new league trophy:


Third session will begin Monday March 5th  and the full schedule is:


Week 1 

Monday March 5

8:00 Renegades v TNHT

9:00 Crazed Dogs v Bath FC

Tuesday March 6

8:00 ReVision Energy v Strikers

9:00 Dirty Hustle FC v Casa FC 


Week 2 

Monday March 12

8:00 Crazed Dogs v Renegades

9:00 Strikers v TNHT

Tuesday March 13

8:00 Bath FC V Dirty Hustle FC

9:00 ReVision Energy v Casa FC


Week 3

Monday March 19th

8:00 Strikers v Bath FC

9:00 Dirty Hustle v Crazed Dogs

Tuesday March 20

8:00 ReVision Energy v TNHT

9:00 Renegades v Casa FC


Week 4

Monday March 26

8:00 Renegades v Dirty Hustle

9:00 Bath FC v TNHT

Tuesday March 27

8:00 Casa FC v Strikers

9:00 ReVison Energy v Crazed Dogs


Week 5 

Monday April 2

8:00 Casa FC v Crazed Dogs

9:00 TNHT v Dirty Hustle

Tuesday April 3

8:00 ReVison Energy v Bath

9:00 Renegades v Strikers


Week 6

Monday April 9

8:00 TNHT v Casa FC

9:00 Strikers v Crazed Dogs

Tuesday April 10

8:00 Dirty Hustle v ReVision Energy  

9:00 Bath V Renegades


Week 7

Monday April 16

8:00 Crazed Dogs v TNHT

9:00 Bath FC v Casa FC

Tuesday April 19

8:00 Renegades v ReVision Energy

9:00 Strikers v Dirty Hustle


Week 8 Playoffs

Monday April 23

8:00 D1 Semi Final #1 v #4

9:00 D1 Semi Final #2 v #3

Tuesday April 24

8:00 D2 Semi Final #1 v #4

9:00 D2 Semi Final #2 v #3


Week 9 Monday April 30  or  Tuesday May 1 (to be determined)

8:00 D2 Championship game

9:00 D1 Championship game


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