Seacoast United Goalkeeper School (SUGS) is one of our most specialized and innovative individual development programs. It focuses on the growth of goalkeepers at a variety of age and skill levels.

Seacoast United’s Goalkeeper School will focus on technical, tactical, psychological, and physical aspects of the position. Among the technical topics covered: Techniques of correct footwork, catching, receiving, deflecting, tipping, parrying, punching, collapse & extension diving, and distribution. 


Goalkeepers will learn how to deal with breakaways, crosses and how to demonstrate correct foot skills with regard to the back-pass rule.  Tactically, goalkeepers will learn about organizing their defense, controlling their area, starting attacks, game restarts, in-game positioning, organizing the defense, and establishing correct tempo of play.  Mentally, goalkeepers will learn how to be leaders, how to remain positive, how to stay focused and how to analyze their performance.  Physically, goalkeepers will learn about strength and conditioning, nutrition, keeper-specific fitness, flexibility, and power.


Seacoast is proud to have helped more than 100 keepers achieve their dream of playing collegiate soccer, 25 of whom have played at the Division 1 level, including at schools such as Duke, Virginia, Boston College, Stanford and Northeastern. In addition, many others have starred for dozens of local high schools.


We offer SUGS classes in various locations (Topsham, Portland, Gorham and Freeport).  Each location/time is age specific so please be careful to select the correct option.

SUGS will be staffed by an elite and unrivaled group of specialized keeper coaches headed by Seacoast United Maine’s Director of Goalkeeping Martyn Keen.


SUGS classes are open to all ages from 10 to 20 years old.


Questions? Contact: Martyn Keen at or 207-844-8470.




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