HAMPTON, NH- Seacoast United Sports Club is proud to announce a new and exciting way of reaching goalkeepers across New England.

Seacoast United Goalkeeping offers opportunities for keepers to excel at all levels in the game of soccer. Due to the nature of the position, this remains one of the Club’s most specialized and innovative individual development programs. The overall curriculum focuses on the growth of goalkeepers at a variety of age and skill levels.

Using a holistic approach, Seacoast United coaches will focus on technical, tactical, psychological, and physical aspects of the position. Among the technical topics covered: Techniques of correct footwork, catching, receiving, deflecting, tipping, parrying, crossing situations punching, collapse & extension diving, and distribution. Tactically, goalkeepers will learn about organizing their defense, controlling their area, starting attacks, game restarts, in-game positioning, organizing the defense, and establishing correct tempo of play. Mentally, goalkeepers will learn how to be a leader, how to remain positive, how to stay focused and concentrate, and how to analyze their performance. The last pillar of focus will be on the physical component. Goalkeepers will learn about strength and conditioning, nutrition, keeper-specific fitness, flexibility, and power.

With a lot of content being pushed out digitally due to remote learning, the Seacoast United Goalkeeping department wanted to provide a platform for all goalkeepers to work on their game from home. Seacoast United will be launching the Seacoast United Goalkeeping account on Instagram which will be dedicated solely to all things goalkeeping.

“I am excited to be rolling out this new social media platform to try to connect and teach goalkeepers in a new and exciting way," commented Director of Goalkeeping Andrew Pesci. “We will be working closely with our other regions in an effort to provide a universal curriculum.  We are committed to growing this aspect of the game and I feel confident that we have the right people in place to make this happen.”

If you are interested in learning more about Seacoast United Goalkeeping please email Andrew Pesci (Seacoast United NH) at or Martyn Keen (Seacoast United ME) at




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