To register for any Seacoast United indoor league, a minimum deposit of $100 is required in order to secure your spot in the league.  Once your team is registered, we will require that each player on your team is added electronically to your roster.  This is required for insurance purposes and will allow for each player/family to pay their portion of the team balance online.  Medical release waivers are mandatory for all players and must be on file prior to the start of each session, no exceptions.

Once your team is registered:
- The "team contact" (person who registered the team) will receive an email containing the team’s invoice, and a separate email containing a link where they can access their team roster information.  PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE EMAIL CONTAINING THE LINK as you can not access your team’s roster information through our website.

- The "team contact" will need to compile a roster consisting of individual names, email addresses, and a phone number to be entered into the system (minimum information required per player).  Each player or parent/guardian if under 18 yrs of age will have to electronically sign his/her waiver online.  This is process is required for insurance purposes.   Online rosters will also allow for individual team payments over the web.  This system will be easier for team contacts to track who has paid, and how much has been paid from their team balance.  
Note: To simplify the online roster process, please do not enter player info into your roster until you have the breakdown of what each player will owe from your team balance. 

  • If you wish to collect the payments from your players and submitting all at once, or wish to pay the balance in full, you can leave the "amount owed" per player as $0 on your roster.
  • Rosters & waivers must be completed by week 2 of league play. 

For questions on our leagues and availability please contact Jim Wade at




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