Cumberland Kiddie Kickers

Cumberland Kiddie Kickers

Everything in Maine comes back to the community and kids kicking the soccer ball as summer turns to fall. That was the scene at our sixth annual Cumberland Kiddie Kickers event at Twin Brooks Recreation, in Cumberland, Maine. Peter Bingham, Director of the Cumberland Recreation Department, added, “Kiddie Kickers is about having value in a program that doesn’t steer kids away from soccer and ultimately encourages exercise and having fun.”  On Saturday mornings this month kids ages four to six walk on to the far field at Twin Brooks with their parents to enjoy an hour technical sessions led by our staff. The session includes a fun warm up like, freeze tag, leading into learning fundamental skills like, using all surfaces of the foot while dribbling and how to properly hit a pass. The morning ends with parents cheering on their kids in small sided games with plenty of celebrations coming from the sideline as the kids put into practice what they learned earlier. Ultimately, we enjoy being apart of every community in Southern Maine and a huge thanks to Cumberland Recreation Department for having us back this year. For more programs from Seacoast United Maine Click Here! #WeAreSUSC #BePartOfIt






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